The KP Pro Safety Soles are orthotic insole supports of the highest standard, coupled with a flexible layer of stainless steel that resists punctures from sharp objects.


  • Virtually eliminates puncture wounds to the feet caused by nails, iron shards, glass and scrap metal
  • Meets and exceeds minimum force resistance of 270 lb as specified in ANSI Z41-1999, Section 5.3.2
  • Reduces OSHA reportable injury rating
  • Reduces project manager injury average
  • The only puncture resistant insole endorsed by Cal-OSHA
  • Download the insole movie demonstration
  • Health
  • Orthotic support system provides superior support reducing fatigue and lower back pain
  • Aligns skeletal structure
  • Features metatarsal and heel cup supports
  • Increases shock absorption reducing joint trauma
  • Reduces the risk of foot infection
  • Minimizes mildew and fungi growth which leads to athlete’s foot
  • Provides greater comfort for sensitive feet
  • Cost Benefits
  • Substantial cost rebates on insurance premiums due to reduced worker injuries
  • Eliminates hospital emergency room costs
  • Decreases worker lost time and injury compensation
  • Pro Safety Soles transform low-cost boots and shoes into orthotically comfortable, puncture resistant footwear for a fraction of the cost associated with high-end work boots
  • Insole Attributes The Pro Safety Sole - Puncture Resistant Orthotic Insole is comprised of three layers:
  • 1st - Hypoalergenic insole lining.
  • 2nd - Anatomically designed orthotic footbed, which features a heel cup, metatarsal, and arch support.
  • 3rd - Lightweight, flexible, puncture resistant spring steel chasis.
  • Designed with an optimal surface area for maximum foot protection and all day comfort
  • Removable insole provides versatility for use in any brand or style of footwear

  • 1. Metatarsal Support.
    2. Arch Support.
    3. Heel Cup Support.
    4. Stainless 301 Full-Hardened Steel.